To My Patients:
There are a ton of emotions rolled into delivering babies. I truly enjoy being a part of such an important moment in my patients' lives and feel honored to help them along the way. Through the course of pregnancy and delivery, you get to become family, which is a priceless aspect of OBGYN. From the GYN side, the ability to do procedures as well as get to know a patient over a long period of time makes this field unique.

I do everything I can to make you feel like you are family and that you have received the best care possible. Likewise, I never want you to leave the office with unanswered questions. These two things are very important to me and I will always strive to preserve them!

My Family:
I am married to an amazing wife and friend Brittiany. We have 3 kids: Callan (6), Vivienne (3), and Kit (4 weeks).

My Hobbies:
• Cooking
• Computer Programming
• Woodworking
• 3D Printing
• Flying drones with Callan
• Playing Hatchimals with Vivienne

Dr. Stroud is currently accepting new patients for gynecology in Madison and Decatur, Alabama. He looks forward to meeting you! To make an appointment with Dr. Stroud, please fill out the contact form below and our office will contact you as soon as possible.

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